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Video Production Made Simple With Cinegrade

Cinegarde- Creative Video Production in Williamsport & Harrisburg, PA

The process of video creation is complicated and consists of several phases. At Cinegrade, we believe that video production at Williamsport and Harrisburg, PA is more than just saying ‘cut’ at the end of video recording.

That’s why specialists at Cinegrade work tirelessly to create dynamic motion pictures for renowned brands across the world. Whether that be for commercial purposes or hobbyists, we provide full creative services from concept framing, planning, script writing to camera execution, that makes producing video extremely easy and fun. You can be sure to receive exceptional content that excites your audience.

3 Phases of Video Production at Cinegrade 

1.   Pre-production

This phase is about laying the groundwork for creating the video. It involves all essential planning, concept framework, budget allocation, contingency planning, research, and necessary human resources to successfully complete your video project.

2.   Production

After all the meetings and discussions in the pre-production phase, now it’s time to hold the camera up and start with the actual process. This is where the story comes to life. This phase involves all the recording and setting up of equipment such as light, sound, camera. Behind-the-scenes footage and recording voice overs also come under this phase.

3.   Post-production

Once all the footage has been recorded, it’s time to make it look pretty. This phase takes the most amount of time and resources at hand. It involves processing the raw video footage and editing the actual video to meet the requirements of the planning stage. Addition of soundtrack, video editing, final review and delivery take place in this phase.

Our goal is to bring authenticity to your work, and with the help of world class media specialists, we’re able to bring happiness and smile to you.

We create videos across various platforms for various brands, not limited to one particular niche. Our diversified portfolio includes:

  • Corporate videos
  • Commercials
  • Music videos
  • Sports

Work with us and have your brand talk out loud for itself!