BRCC Presents – Travis Pastrana


“Travis and the BRCC crew share a passion for pushing life to its limits, to packing as much into the time we have as you can. The stuff we’re going to come up with… it’s going to be insane. Like Evan said, it’s going to break people’s brains.”

Gentex Matters

Gentex is a global leader in safety and communication equipment. We are honored to work along side this incredible company!

The Little PAPR with Crazy Big Returns

PureFlo reached out to Cinegrade looking for a fun Explainer Video that would walk their prospective customers through the unbelievable cost and time savings that their PureFlo 3000 PAPR can provide. We present to you “The Little PAPR with Crazy Big Returns.” PureFlo-It’s no secret that conducting nuclear outages are expensive. That’s why PureFlo’s nuclear

Sheetz – Store Support

In the summer of 2019, our good friends at Black Sheep Media House reached out to us for some assistance on this corporate video for Sheetz. Alongside Black Sheep, we helped to shape the visual narrative to tell the Sheetz Store Support story. Sheetz-“Join our online Talent Community to tell us about yourself, and we’ll

Ops-Core AMP™ Communication Headset

“Worn by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the Ops-Core AMP™ Communication Headset is an advanced communication headset that integrates seamlessly with Ops-Core helmets, such as the FAST® SF Carbon Composite Helmet and FAST® SF Ballistic Helmet, to create the ideal lightweight headborne system for any mission and environment. AMP™ is an advanced communication headset that

Xbox One Battlefield Bundle Aerial Drop


This one was an incredible ride! Nitro Circus brought us on to help with this crazy collaboration with Xbox. Pulling off a skydiving stunt is never an easy feat and this one was no exception. The weather threw us curveballs all day, but with a crew of some of the best sky divers in the