Volvo – If you refuse to dream

Volvo XC60 Spec Commercial “If you refuse to dream, you’ll never discover. If you refuse to leap, you’ll never soar. If you refuse to dare, you’ll never inspire. For out in this world we find,success begins with a person’s will.It takes courage to create something truly worth while. When you step into new territory,Lead with

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

Who doesn’t love Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn?! Tabletop commercials have exploded in popularity due to the the eye catching visuals that can be created with a handful of props and some creative thinking. Every project is a learning experience, but especially when you’re working on something as intricate and delicate as a food commercial.

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

If you’ve ever heard the saying “Simple advertising is good advertising,” then you know how much of an impact a well designed campaign can have. We created this Spec Commercial for Bulleit Bourbon to show that a simple concept which is executed with precision can be very powerful.

PureFlo 3000 Nuclear

The great people at Gentex Corporation reached out to us looking for a commercial that would show what their brand new PureFlo3000 Air Purifying Respirator could do for the Nuclear industry. We flew down to a location in Alabama with this revolutionary product and put it through the paces of a typical Nuclear facility. Gentex-“The

PureFlo 3000 PAPR

Gentex Corporation reached out to Cinegrade in need of Video and Photography that would show what their brand new PureFlo3000 Air Purifying Respirator can do for the industrial trades. The timeline for this shoot was extremely condensed for both Video and Photography, but with a great team of creatives, we were able to pull it

The Freedom of IWOM

“IWOM Outerwear offers the freedom to enjoy the outdoors regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.” Black Sheep Media House came to Cinegrade in spring 2019 and asked us to collaborate with them on a 7 episode outdoor campaign for IWOM Outerwear. Together with Black Sheep, we took the IWOM XT Hunting system and

Camping in Comfort with IWOM

“Enjoy the freedom IWOM brings to your outdoor gatherings and events. Regardless of the weather, IWOM has your back.” Black Sheep Media House came to Cinegrade in spring 2019 and asked us to collaborate with them on a multiple genre outdoor campaign for IWOM Outerwear. As luck would have it, Cinegrade Owner Cody Stauder had

PGA Golf Management Program


Cinegrade Digital Cinema is a brand that loves collaboration! As a result, we are constantly working with other local creatives to deliver new content to local brands. For this project, our friends at Black Sheep Media House asked us to join their project and shoot this spot for Penn State University and the PGA Golf

Playstax Inspiration

“Here’s the design inspiration behind Little Tikes Commercial’s PlayStax! PlayStax are inspired by kid-built forts and give kids the feeling of their own secret clubhouse while providing caregivers with excellent sight lines. LITTLE TIKES® is the trademark of The Little Tikes Company in the U.S. and other countries. Used under license by PlayPower, Inc.”

Introducing PlayStax

We get the pleasure to work with Little Tikes Commercial multiple times a year and this shoot for their new line of play equipment called PlayStax was one to remember! Believe it or not, within the 2 days for video and photography, we had rain, sleet, and snow in mid November. Just out of frame,



Little Tikes Commercial reached out to us with this unique concept for a music video to announce their new line of play equipment called “Concerto.” This is an original score by Huck and Gus Tritsch who are also performing in the video. We had the pleasure to created both a music video and all of

Fueling your Off-Road Passion


The great people at SuperATV came to us looking for a high energy commercial to market their RZR suspension components. We gathered so much great content with their team that we turned around and delivered 2 different commercials from this 2 day shoot. SuperATV-“Power, Progression, Determination, Innovation, Experience, Speed, we are SuperATV. With Industry leading