Music Video

Burning Myrrh

“FULL OF HELL make their Relapse debut with their most explosive album to date, Weeping Choir. Dynamic, pissed, and wholly urgent, the highly anticipated Weeping Choir is a definitive statement of intent by one of the underground’s most dynamic and virulent entities. FULL OF HELL have once again culled the extreme elements from hardcore, metal, and power electronics to redefine darkness and sheer brutality. Distorted guitars, and ominous, disparate electronics grind and gnash against rapid-fire drumming, as FULL OF HELL take themes of religion, loss, hatred, and set them ablaze. Recorded by the critically acclaimed Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, Weeping Choir sees FULL OF HELL fully unleashed. Abrasive, confrontational, none equal!”


Little Tikes Commercial reached out to us with this unique concept for a music video to announce their new line of play equipment called “Concerto.” This is an original score by Huck and Gus Tritsch who are also performing in the video. We had the pleasure to created both a music video and all of

Farewell, Man

We love to work with other talented artists when the opportunity presents itself. This collaboration with The Body & Full of Hell was a simple concept that blossomed into a powerful music video. Full of Hell-“Farewell, Man” is from the upcoming album ‘Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light’ by The Body & Full of Hell,