Gentex – 125+ Years of Experience

We had the opportunity to do the post and video portrait work on this sizzle for Gentex Corporation. We’re extremely grateful that we get to work with such innovative brands!

“Backed by 125+ years of experience and over 75 years of introducing new technologies, Gentex is committed to providing aircrew and aircraft maintainers with advanced aircrew helmet systems.

We’re proud to work together with the US Air Force on development of the Next-Generation Fixed-Wing Helmet (NGFWH) system. The NGFWH system is engineered and measured for elite protection and complete comfort, incorporating our latest advancements and innovations.

Our comprehensive line of advanced hearing protection, eye protection, and respiratory protection equipment seamlessly integrates with our modular Fixed-Wing and Rotary Wing helmets for a customizable protective system that does not sacrifice situational awareness.

As dedicated suppliers of protective gear for the aircrew that commands the F-35 Lightning II, we do not take safety lightly. You can count on Gentex to protect your aircrew.

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