The Little PAPR with Crazy Big Returns

PureFlo reached out to Cinegrade looking for a fun Explainer Video that would walk their prospective customers through the unbelievable cost and time savings that their PureFlo 3000 PAPR can provide.

We present to you “The Little PAPR with Crazy Big Returns.”

It’s no secret that conducting nuclear outages are expensive. That’s why PureFlo’s nuclear respirator, the PureFlo 3000, is the solution that can save you tens of thousands of dollars per outage and improve your ROI. The new standard for nuclear safety, our PAPRs (powered air purifying respirators) feature a user-based, head-mounted design that delivers maximum comfort and highly reduced don/doff time to about one minute when compared to five minutes with the traditional waist-mounted PAPRs. The all-in-one design provides complete head, eye, and face protection, without additional fit testing, hoses, or belts, reducing the risk of snag hazards and exposure to harmful chemicals. PureFlo PAPRs have optimized safety features, a streamlined design, improved dressing efficiency, and easier maintenance for a long-term cost-saving solution and best-in-class protection. If you’ve been searching for the best air purifying respirator, look no further — PureFlo has you covered.

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