PureFlo 3000 Industrial BTS


The goal of this project was simple: Take the PureFlo 3000 PAPR into some of the harshest environments possible and create a full Video and Photo campaign that showcases how the product helps to protect the user from severe elements in the workplace.

With this concept in mind, this production took us to a brick factory in Minneapolis, MN. The location had activity everywhere you looked, from workers sawing bricks to people welding, and there were these massive cement mixers surrounding us (which get cleaned with chisels every day…and trust us, the dust that comes from this process is nothing to mess with.)

When it came time to create a look and feel for this campaign, we wanted a dramatic, yet natural factory vibe. We lit each scene with 1 Arri Skypanel S60c through a 4×4 silk and multiple Aputure 120D II’s as “practical” and back lights. Our Skypanel was balanced to 5600k and we added CTO gels to each 120D to add some color separation to these practicals to make them feel more like warm shop lighting.

The 3D in this project was another major hurdle to surmount. This process was a major collaboration with our friends from Black Sheep Media House. We knew we wanted photo-realistic 3D renderings and we wanted each scene to transform seamlessly from the real-world scenarios to the 3D breakdowns. Each transition scene was shot with the 3D elements in mind and we were really excited to work with Black Sheep to make these elements come to life!

All in all, this was a fantastic project to have the opportunity to work on and we can’t thank our on-set and post production crews enough for their countless hours of work!

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