2020 Nitro World Games Teaser BTS

In September 2019, Nitro Circus contacted Cinegrade about a hectic 4 day trip to the Caerphilly Castle in Wales to create 3 separate videos based around a major stunt for BBC and their social media outlets. The goal of this world first stunt was to announce that Nitro World Games will be coming to Wales in 2020!

Caerphilly Castle

Before we arrived, there had never been a motorcycle of any kind inside the Caerphilly Castle. As you can imagine, motorized vehicles could potentially do some serious damage to a structure like the Caerphilly Castle. Luckily, the staff at Caerphilly were great and we had the once in a lifetime opportunity of filming Jacko Strong, Josh Sheehan, and Luc Ackermann riding their dirtbikes through the castle and finishing the video off by stomping the world’s first 3 person FMX Double Backflip Train on the front lawn of the castle!

It was truly an honor to be able to create the 2020 Nitro World Games teaser for one of the biggest events in action sports which is being held in such a jaw dropping location!

Check out Nitro Circusโ€™ full behind the scenes from this once in a lifetime stunt here:

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